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As someone who has battled the bulge for most of her adult life, it is getting to be that time of year when a great majority of ads will focus on losing weight for the holidays…which are followed immediately by New Year’s promotions for exercise equipment, programs and food plans.

This is not an American phenomenon.  Indeed, throughout advanced cultures all over the world where food is plentiful and the chief activity is sitting all day, there is a weight problem.  Up until about 100 years ago, people did physical activities all day, whether it was working in the fields, or in a factory. Weight Loss Marketing Tips Now the only joints and muscles that get regularly exercised are the fingers…tapping away at a keyboard all day long.  What is new, however, the number of people that are obese.  Obesity is a heart-breaking condition that affects health in so many ways – some of which are frankly life threatening.

What is the best way to reach people that really do need weight loss help?  Do you reach out to them?  Or is it better to let them find you?  If you put yourself in the shoes of a seriously overweight person, they are most likely ashamed of their condition and feel powerless to make a change.  So ask yourself, what do they want and need to know to make the first step?

That is a good place to start with your weight loss marketing strategy.  Be sympathetic.  Be helpful.  Don’t be judgmental.  Offer hope.  Offer a permanent solution.  Offer security and anonymity.  These are all things the separate the mindset of someone who is obese and one that just needs to lose 20 or 30 pounds so that their jeans fit better.  Getting people to take the first step to change their lives, deal with the complications that obesity entails and the personal dramas that accompany them is a way to get on the radar of potential patients who can truly use your help.